White Oleander


White oleander in bloom

Olympus 35 RC with orange filter on Rollei IR 400 infrared film.


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Abstract photography (Sony Xperia Mini Pro with Vignette for Android)

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Roll over Keithhoven


Roll over Keithhoven

Painting by Johannes Beilharz (acrylic and oil crayon on paper, 2020)

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Surrounded by graffiti

Surrounded by graffiti (photo by Johannes Beilharz)Surrounded by graffiti (Vignette for Android, 2013)

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You’re so square


Playing around with something very much Josef Albers. Digital on digital, 2020.


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A Diebenkorn Landscape


Caught myself playing around with a Diebenkorn landscape painting.

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Desperate heroine


Pearl Thusi as Queen Sono in a still shot from the crime series Queen Sono (2020) set in Africa

While this spy series, a Netflix production, has a few plot holes, it is definitely suspenseful and holds special interest for its setting in several African countries and portrayal of social and political events.

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In the vein of …

The wicker chair holds the door back –
it might close from the wind made by the fan

The whirr of the fan fills the room
but there are occasional scrapes

and steps from below
where the cleaning man is doing his job

Not much else is happening today –
I’m glad, it goes with my almost immobile

stupor not long after breakfast out
at C’era una volta il caffè,

where they were playing The Boss’
mellow I’m on fire

Yes, that’s the kind of fire I’m on
in this torpid Roman morning heat

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2013)

Another poem originally published in 2013 by the long defunct Writers Asylum.

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To my mother, the painter

The way you talked of Cézanne
and Paula Modersohn
we kids expected them
to walk in any time and
join us for lunch, tea or dinner.
It took us a few years
of growing up to realize
they were long dead.
I’m not sure now
what is more alive
to my sister and me –
the naive image of
these artists as friends
we simply had not yet seen
or the paintings
we saw later in books
and museums.

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2013)

This poem was initially published in 2013 by Writers Asylum, an excellent online publication that ceased to exist – without explanation – around 2015.

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