Plastic Noise


Plastisches Rauschen, digital painting, 2016

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A stamping tool installation

Stamping tools (photo by Johannes Beilharz)Some of the tools I used in my pattern paintings.

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Photographic exercises: the egg picture


Lomo Instant Wide with macro lens

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Someone sat on it


Digital art by Johannes Beilharz (2016)

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The red desert

003_022_red_desert-xnr-r11c-f22-sq-sgThe desert is red. I’ve been living on its edge ever since I was born, that is thirteen years ago I’m told. I make pottery just like my father and mother. Sometimes we go to town to take the pottery there and sell it at the market. It is red pottery, just like the desert.

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2016)

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Mondrianescas animadas

Mondrianescas animadas (GIF by Johannes Beilharz)

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Instax art

Instax art (painting by Johannes Beilharz, 2016)

Metallic felt tip painting on dark (failed) instax photo print.

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