Vicente Huidobro | Song of Songs


Every day

She will come so fast
That her shadow will be forgotten
Without being able to find her

On the way
The water clouds
Tear at the tops of the leaves

The rain
Behind the water
The sun

At the end of a song
Someone will bend the years
And fall into my arms

Vicente Huidobro

Translated by Johannes Beilharz (© 2022)

Title of Spanish original “Cantar de los Cantares”. First published in Madrid in 1918. The above publication (Editorial Nascimento, Santiago de Chile) dates from 1972. I bought this book for the stunning amount of US$ 3.50 – as it says on the cover picture above – in July 1980 at the City Lights bookstore in San Francisco.

Note on typesetting: Even though the lines of this poem were formatted correctly following the original, the irritating limitations of WordPress have automatically removed the intended horizontal spacing.

Other poems by Huidobro in English translation can be found here.

International poetry in English translation


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