Photographic exercises: the mysterious picture

The mysterious picture (photographic exercises by Johannes Beilharz, 2015)

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Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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2 Responses to Photographic exercises: the mysterious picture

  1. suburbanlife says:

    Did you make this one with a Fuji Polaroid type camera? I bought one for my grand-daughter as a Christmas present. One problem, the film cost so damn much. I didn’t realize one could get black and white film for it. Must check this out.
    I like the hint of reference of the crews at the top to orient toward an interpretation, and yet they don’t cancel the non-representational nature of the picture; I like how this reminds me of visual sensations I come across regularly and which fascinate me for some odd reason. Atta boy!

    • beilharz says:

      Hi Gabi! Even though it may look like this was taken with a Polaroid instant camera, it was a smartphone camera. There is a terrific application for Android phones called Vignette which allows you to take pictures with a variety of settings, formats and frames. Much cheaper than a true Polaroid with film. Of course, purists will still prefer to use analog cameras. I love your interpretation of the picture! Thanks ūüôā

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