October late afternoon sunshine on an orange wall

October Sunshine on an Orange Wall (photo by J. Beilharz, 2014)

Via Carlo Emilio Gadda, Rome, Italy


About beilharz

Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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4 Responses to October late afternoon sunshine on an orange wall

  1. Markovich Universe says:


    • beilharz says:

      Hi Pat,

      I had no idea you were still writing poetry (or did you start again?).

      Will have to read your poems. At first sight, they look quite different from what I still know from the CU days.

      Take care,


      • Hi J,

        I have always written lines here and there over the years since our CU days, but I started writing regularly just over a year ago. I write for at least an hour almost every morning before work. I like the poet in me and I am just a simple poet at heart. That’s my basic self and all the rest has been work to make a living. I have done really well with the “work for a living” part, but I am happy to be just a simple poet again too. Thank you for reading and let’s stay in touch!

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