Tuileries, photo by Johannes Beilharz (2014)Paris, Tuileries, April 2014

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Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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2 Responses to Tuileries

  1. suburbanlife says:

    Back in 1966, while working as an au pere, I frequented the Tuileries weekly to spend time drawing the old people sunning themselves on the chairs. Often got into altercations with the old biddies who would put their hands out to me and insist I had to pay 50 francs for the privilege of sitting and drawing. I was irate, and ignorant, for what they meant was 50 centimes (new money) that they insisted in calling 50 francs. For a poor young girl as I was then 50 francs were an unthinkably large sum. Thus polite but vociferous arguments would ensue, and given that my French was atrocious, those arguments were useless, inept and quite funny, I guess. Loved to go there though! G

  2. beilharz says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, Gabi! And for sharing your memoir of the Tuileries!

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