The poem review

Your poem is totally awesome!
I especially liked the deep metaphors,
like the moon hiding behind itself,
and the similes, like the moon
is like a harsh one to conquer.
Nothing better has been written
about the moon in decades.
I am so thrilled to have found
a kindred spirit emanating
from your poem, which speaks
volumes of a beautiful soul,
and have shared it with all
my friends on FB and Tumblr.
Please read my poem and like
it, but only if you really like it.

Yours, Nilla Webster

PS: I’ve submitted poetry
reviews before, and many
have been published online.

There’s one fundamental problem with this review that fluttered into my mailbox earlier today – I don’t know which poem (of mine, I suppose) it refers to. I don’t usually write about the moon and try to stay away from metaphors and similes. But thanks anyway, Nilla Webster, who ever you may be. The poem I was supposed to like, alas, was missing. I’ll request it and keep you posted.

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1 Response to The poem review

  1. Charlie Madsen says:

    Hi Johannes,
    Charlie and Elisabeth writing from Passau (and I hope not abusing this forum by reducing it to the prosaic level of mere communication). We are going to be in Rome next week (3-7 March). It would be great to see you!
    The blog is great. We browsed through it for the last hour and are VERY impressed.
    Take care,

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