Brief ode to my socks

A reprieve poem in the vein of P.N.

The weather is still warm –
it’s drawer time for socks

And I’ll bet you anything
that they like it –

no wear, no tear,
no odor

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2013)

Pablo Neruda, not one to disdain any topic for poetry, wrote an ode to his socks, just like he wrote poems on other mundane things, such as celery, for example.
While the above brief ode could not possibly aspire to the seriousness and pathos of Neruda’s gifted hand-knit socks, it can claim to be a sock-friendly poem appicable to all kinds of socks.

About beilharz

Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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3 Responses to Brief ode to my socks

  1. brian miller says:

    ha. nice. i think mine like summer when i choose more to go bare feet…

  2. Kumar Gautam says:

    sock friendly 😀

  3. Ruth says:

    what a great idea, to write odes to mundane things (haven’t read Neruda for a while) – I like your ‘sock-friendly’ poem very much 🙂

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