Oulipo applied

Oulipo AppliedThis painting was created using some Oulipo-like rules or constraints. 1. Only four colors (in various degrees of opaqueness) were to be used. 2. They were added in four partially overlapping fields in a clockwise arrangement.

Dieses Bild entstand unter Anwendung von Oulipo-ähnlichen Regeln oder Einschränkungen. 1. Nur vier Farben (in unterschiedlichen Deckungsgraden) wurden verwendet. 2. Sie wurden in vier, sich teilweise überlappenden, Feldern in Uhrzeigerrichtung angelegt.


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Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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2 Responses to Oulipo applied

  1. mcsirishart says:

    Love the painting and oulipo- what a great word!

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