Miss Otis Regrets

Miss Otis Regrets
Acrylic on paper, 2012 (section)

Miss Otis Regrets

She’s unable to love today

Her purse with the pink dots was stolen yesterday
Or so she thinks

Tiger the bulldog misbehaved, bit into and ruined a shoe

And anyway it’s one of those cloudy days over Paris
à la couleur toute grise

Miss Otis regrets,
she’s unable to love today

– Johannes Beilharz (© 2012)

Written and painted as a result of listening to the old jazz standard Miss Otis Regrets (sung by Maxine Sullivan, 1911-1987) today.

About beilharz

Writer, painter, translator, photographer
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1 Response to Miss Otis Regrets

  1. I love the imagery associated with your words. Nothing worse than a grey Paris!!
    Love the song as well 🙂

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