Vous aviez fait un jour saillir

Vous aviez fait un jour saillir (detail)
2011, acrylic on stuffing paper, 48 x 76 cm

Mostly created using a roller with paint applied to it. In a last step, I added lines from a poem by Jules Supervielle, writing them in black acrylic with a short-bristled, hard brush.

The book, Le forçat innocent, was a random pick from the next shelf. I leafed through several poems before my eyes landed on one (titled Le Pommier, The Apple Tree) that seemed intuitively right.

The lines I wrote on the painting were:

Vous aviez fait un jour jaillir, sans y songer,
Un grand pommier en fleurs au milieu de l’hiver
Et des oiseaux gardaient de leurs becs inconnus
L’arbre non saisonnier, comme en plein mois de mai,
Et des enfants joyeux de soleil et de brume …

Since I didn’t have my glasses on, I misread the “jaillir” in the first line as “saillir”, and so the title of the painting became Vous aviez fait saillir un jour by error.

What drew me to the poem was the creative act it describes – of making something emerge, even though it might look as if it were out of season.


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